Gates Mills Village Gas Well Safety Committee


Gas wells are now very much a part of life in the Village of Gates Mills.  Passage of Ohio HB 278 by the State legislature in 2004, SB 165 in 2010 and SB 315 in 2011 has led to and supported the unconstrained drilling of wells in our residential valley and across the state.  Ohio currently ranks fourth in the nation behind Texas, Oklahoma and Pennsylvania in oil and gas production.   In recognition of the fact that we are now living with a significant number of wells in our community, the Village has established the Gas Well Safety Committee.

While emerging technology has the potential to address the health, safety and environmental dangers of fracking, this activity is still a major industrial process with many unknown risks.  Of greatest concern is the potential for water and air pollution.

In collaboration with the Village of Gates Mills and the Gates Mills Fire Department, the aim of the committee is to promote gas well safety.  The committee supports community education though the Village web site, publications and public meetings.  In addition, members of the committee will be available to meet with residents of the Village who have concerns about, or problems with, existing or planned gas wells.